We pay  Upto $9999 for Cash for cars

We buy your car for More Cash!

Our name represents our identity – Car Sales Car Removals! We take stress off of your shoulders by providing you with the ideal car removal services be it a car damaged through accident or an old car deteriorated over time or just an unloved car standing in your garage, we’re there for its recycle or removal.
For unwanted car removal, damaged car removal, scrap metal recycling and to provide good cash for cars of any type and condition, we have a great team of experts to deal with you to get rid of the remnants you had been saving for years. Instead of spending a heavy amount on your car, that no longer serves you, bring it to us for its timely and safe removal. We also benefit our customers immensely by providing cash up to $5000 for damaged, unwanted, and old cars and trucks.
Our business expansion includes the heavy export of old and unwanted cars to different countries in the world. Due to our top-quality services, we are one of the top buyers of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Even during recycling your cars, trucks, or 4WD removal, we undertake the environmental laws and abide by them to sustain and promote a healthy environment.

Why Car Sales Car Removals?

We’re on the top because…

  • You won’t find unbelievably quick and simple car removal services in the whole of Brisbane.
  • Your Non-Runner is our hassle. Only when you give us a call!
  • There will be many claiming to provide fast removal services but to be dealt by a Professional. You need to connect with us as we’re also the top vehicle recyclers in Brisbane.
  • You’ll be given a quick quote when you buzz us online. Believe it or not! It’s absolutely ‘FREE’.
  • Our online form only requires basic information, unlike the redundant long forms and questions that may annoy you.
  • Convenient vehicle collection from your doorstep, on your terms, and at your given time. Doesn’t that sound convenient to you?
  • Our friendly and courteous staff will not only be on their best behavior but will also add value to the amount at the time of car collection.

Be Cautious of the Fake!

When your car’s life cycle ends, bring it to us for its safe and sound removal as we’re registered by the government and have the authorization to conduct the unwanted car removal procedures. There will be many service providers who will quote a good amount on the phone, but on arrival, they may give you less amount referring to your car condition.

Beware of such fake service providers!

Car Sales Car Removals will always offer you an amazing amount even if your car is no longer registered or is highly damaged.

Avoid if you notice:

  • Intolerable rudeness of service provider.
  • Unacceptable price quotes by the service provider.
  • Unethical tactics for the persuasion of car removal.
  • Claims to be the best but pays a low price.
  • Multiple negative reviews about the dealer online/offline.

We’re the best car wreckers Brisbane has ever witnessed; so let us fix your new and old cars, recycle or remove them whenever you want!
Experience our swift and reliable car removal services as we’re available 24/7 to hear from you!

How Does It Work?

Car Sales Car Removals FAQ’s – What, When, and How!

Steps To Get Best Cash For Your Car

We love answering all queries and questions that may cross your mind while you make the decision of availing our top quality car removals and cash for car services. Here are some quick FAQ’s:

What is Car Sales Car Removals?

Car Sales Car Removals is a highly professional car removal and cash for car service provider located in Brisbane serving thousands of clients. We buy all kinds of cars, trucks, vans, wagons, and 4WDs even in the extremely damaged condition and also do the unwanted car removals in an instant at your given time. We’re quick, reliable, and stick to our words; therefore, we always provide quoted cash!

How does Car Sales Car Removals operate?

We’re always at your service! You can call us on the given number (0435 796 957) to talk to our customer service representative for a quick and genuine quote or contact us online by filling out the short form. Your appointment will be booked instantly for your car inspection. You will be provided the cash on the spot if you accept our car purchase offer.

Why select Car Sales Car Removals over others?

We make car removals an easy and simple process for the people of Brisbane. Our top cash for cars Brisbane offers are directed towards providing you with the best cash for your damaged cars. We pay instantly and we pay a good amount! We deal differently with every client and offer them the best price according to their car condition. So beware of car wreckers who ask for money for removing your cars and quote low prices for your old cars. We have created a transparent and quick process for unwanted car removals; therefore, we don’t ask long questions and refrain from wasting your time.

What is the car valuation criterion at Car Sales Car Removals?

We offer a quote on the basis of car condition details provided by you. The accurate quote will be given by us only when your car will be inspected by our agents. We do not offer less than your expectations!
Is it necessary to have an ID or License for car removal at Car Sales Car Removals?
At Car Sales Car Removals, we abide by the legal requirements and therefore require your car ID or license in order to pay cash for cars or for free car removals from your property.

How to find a VIN number?

The VIN number of your vehicle is the unique identification code comprising of 17 digits that identifies your vehicle. You can find it printed on one of the doors or it can be seen on the dashboard of your car.
For further information regarding our services, you can directly contact us and talk to one of our CSR.
0435 796 957 is the number to dial!

About Car Sales Car Removals

We use your vehicle in our parts recycling program and as we are Brisbane’s leading Metal Recycler Ferrous and Non Ferrous, we recycle old cars and Dead Vehicles. We offer a wide range of car and van and other commercial vehicle removal and disposal services including vehicle salvage. Old, Damaged, rusted , unwanted drivable or not, wrecked all of the vehicles are collected. We are an authorised End of Life Vehicle Centre and are fully registered with the government’s Environment Agency. We have been established for more than 20 years and have years of experience in car and commercial vehicle dismantling. We can collect and responsibly dispose of Cars, Vans, Trucks and more. We use your vehicle in our parts recycling program and Metal Recycling program turn your old, damaged and unwanted cars into instant cash, YES we remove unwanted cars and pay cash. With our high fleet of truck drivers we are able to provide a same day service, we arrive on time and we move out of our way to assist our customers in removal of unwanted cars. We remove old unwanted cars and recycle them, our services areas are Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba.