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Quick and hassle-free Cash for car Ipswich service’

Sometimes finding a genuine car buyer becomes futile when the owner does not even get the best price of its car in the best market price. Cash for car Ipswich provides the best comfortable service to the owner for getting cash for cars in a location near Ipswich. Many research on cars found that alone in the Ipswich 60% to 80% of the vehicle user, uses only the car for there daily convenience which intact to a huge number of old, unwanted junk cars.

Cash for car Ipswich is a straight-to-the-point & hassle-free procedure. All types of vehicles, trucks, boats, caravan, and SUVs are recognized as long as you have the present title, personal ID, the vehicle’s registration number, proprietor's manual and vehicle keys. Get money for a vehicle in Ipswich in just less than an hour process now due to the best service provided by cash for car Ipswich . In the event that you need money for used vehicles in Ipswich, at that point you don't have to look any further just visit a few websites

Money paid for vehicles has been picking up ubiquity in the present decade when huge numbers of futile autos are purchased. Money for used vehicles is genuinely a shelter for those individuals who like to dispose of their vehicles and expect that they are paid a huge sum for it. Money for vehicle Australian tow away the piece vehicle from the house and move them to the landfill yard. The advantage of reaching us is that we take out a wide range of parts and check in the event that the vehicle parts are in great condition.

Money paid for vehicles has been picking up ubiquity in the present decade when huge numbers of futile autos are purchased. Money for used vehicles is genuinely a shelter for those individuals who like to dispose of their vehicles and expect that they are paid a huge sum for it. Money for vehicle Australian tow away the piece vehicle from the house and move them to the landfill yard. The advantage of reaching us is that we take out a wide range of parts and check in the event that the vehicle parts are in great condition.

Services by cash for a car service provider

Vehicle Removals are absolutely free, that is why the company doesn’t charge anything for picking the vehicles from the location desired by clients who sold their vehicles. Cash For Car Ipswich is all about providing the best of utilized vehicle parts all throughout Ipswich. Now market encompasses vehicle destroying and utilized car parts providers in the Ipswich market.

On what parameters you have to decide whether the service provider is best or not-

Fair and best cost for any vehicle in Ipswich. Hassle-free vehicle removal with no extra charges. Experienced & friendly vehicle handlers & operators. Fast exchanges inside a couple of moments.

Contracting a trustworthy organization for money for a vehicle in Ipswich will profit you in the accompanying manners: Sufficient cash in hand Money for car expulsions organization Ipswich attempts their best to utilize every single piece of your accidental car.we take an intensive assessment to check each part and its further use. A portion of the exceptionally helpful pieces of the vehicles if in great condition incorporate mirrors, seats, and windshield. The usable parts are really an explanation of enough installment. Hassle-free Procedures

Employing proficient money paid for cars in Ipswich will take quite a bit of your weight on the systems. When you make your affirmation of selling your unused vehicle, we will send you a tow of the truck to remove your vehicle and make the installment in a split second. The procedure is so basic and in addition, you can spare your valuable time. Eco-Friendly The money gets paid for cars in Ipswich utilize reusing strategies to spare the earth from getting dirty or atmosphere getting hazardous.

Jetstar flight grounded at Sydney Airport due to reports of ‘unusual smell’

A Jetstar flight from Sydney to Brisbane has been grounded a short time after take-off, following reports of an “unusual smell” at the rear of the cabin.

Emergency services met flight JQ517 upon landing back at Sydney Airport as a precautionary measure and engineers are now inspecting the Airbus A321.

“The captain on a Jetstar flight has elected to return to Sydney a short time after take-off due to reports of an unusual smell at the rear of the cabin,” a Jetstar spokesman said.

The flight was in the air for around 20 minutes, the spokesman added.

Twitter user @gdayitspaulyj tweeted a photo of the grounded plane, describing it as being “surrounded by seven fire trucks and two ambulances”.

The Jetstar spokesman said those customers affected by the cancellation of the flight are being moved to alternate flights this afternoon.

Source: at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2016/06/19/16/19/jetstar-flight-grounded-at-sydney-airport-due-to-reports-of-unusual-smell-on-board.

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Man jailed seven years for used car scam amounting to S$3.2m

SINGAPORE — Hoping to grow his second-hand car business and increase cash flow, the serial cheat scammed nearly S$3.2 million from numerous victims over two years.

Poh Chee Tiong, 61, faced 168 charges, mainly for cheating and forgery. He was jailed seven years for his offences on Wednesday (June 15).

Poh, an undischarged bankrupt, instructed his wife to incorporate Cars Today and be its sole shareholder and registered director in March 2013. Behind the scenes though, he handled day to day operations, and was solely in charge of the firm’s finances and disbursement of funds.

Poh’s “systematic and elaborate” scam targeted three groups of victims: Sellers, buyers and finance companies.

He devised a scheme to enable the firm to obtain more credit facilities to purchase more cars. He also used payment from buyers meant for the transfer of ownership of the secondhand car from seller to buyer for other purposes.

When sellers handed over their car to Cars Today, they were promised that the outstanding loan for the car would be taken care off by the firm. Instead, the firm never paid up, and sellers ended up saddled with the responsibility of paying off the loan for their sold car.

On some occasions, Cars Today would buy a second-hand car and sell it to a new buyer. But it fooled finance companies into believing a buyer had not been found, and wrangled its way into securing a loan for the car’s outstanding payment. As part of the loan conditions, the car’s registered ownership would be transferred to the finance company, instead of the new buyer who had already received the car.

Meanwhile, buyers were told that the registered ownership of their newly-bought car would be transferred to them, upon purchase. But after receiving payment, Cars Today used the money for other expenses and to repay other car loans, instead of processing the transfer of ownership.

In total, 71 buyers, 14 sellers and four finance companies were hoodwinked. Buyers ended up having their newly-bought cars repossessed by registered owners, whereas sellers had to pay road tax and insurance premiums on their sold cars because ownership had not been transferred.

In one instance, 54-year-old Tan Yew Kong bought a second-hand BMW for about S$146,000 in December 2013. Days after the sale, Poh applied for a S$122,000 loan from Kenso Leasing, and transferred the ownership to the finance company.

Mr Tan was already in possession of the car by then, and had to pay Kenso over S$73,000 to transfer ownership to his name. In total, he ended up having to pay about $219,000 for his second-hand BMW.

Between December 2013 and December 2014, Poh roped in his son to forge Sales and Purchase Agreements, between Cars Today and sellers. His son would amend the purchase price on the photocopies of the agreement and mark it up, to receive higher loans from finance companies.

The prosecution said that Poh’s actions had caused monetary harm and inconvenience to his victims. “General deterrence is required where businesses are being managed in a manner that defrauds unsuspecting customers, especially where heavy losses and great inconvenience have been brought to bear on customers whose trust in those businesses – to deliver what they had promised – has been betrayed,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Norman Yew.

Poh also knew that he was prohibited by law to manage a company as an undischarged bankrupt, yet he circumvented it by making use of his wife in incorporate Cars Today, said DPP Yew. His wife and son have both been fined for their parts in the scam.

Defence lawyer Ranadhir Gupta said that his client had used the money received for cheating to grow his business, instead of absconding. “He’s really into this car business. Sadly, each time he went into it, it wasn’t successful,’ he said.

In her sentencing remarks, District Judge Salina Ishak said that Poh had a high level of culpability, and had crafted a systematic and elaborate plan to cheat customers over a substantial period of time. Poh’s sentence will be backdated to the start of remand in January this year.

Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/man-jailed-seven-years-used-car-scam-amounting-32m

This Week in Food: Melbourne’s new ‘secret’ bar



So, according to Broadsheet, there’s a new “secret bar” in Melbourne. They say it opened at the end of last month, is dark and cosy, styled from the seventies with cocktails to match. Link below if you want to try to find it: https://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/nightlife/article/secret-melbourne-bar-were-not-supposed-tell-you-about

FINDING YOUR WAY I was introduced to a company called Wine Compass this week, they’re not your average wine tour business – their whole remit is designing a tour to suit the customer. You might be a group of two, of twelve, or of twenty – owner Adam will talk you through the options for the Mornington Peninsula or Yarra Valley, and come up with your very own bespoke itinerary. I reckon I know the Mornington Peninsula pretty well, but last Sunday I went to FOUR venues I had never visited before. Highlight was probably “Ocean Eight” which I didn’t even know existed, and “Quealy Wines” with the unique and fun Kath Quealy at the helm.www.winecompass.com.au


I had quite the delivery during the week from Salsa Ranchero. Owners Gisele and Emilio are from Mexico City so they thought they’d drop off a hamper of goodies and serenade me at the same time with a Mariachi bank. Seriously. They’ve bene in Australia for five years and were trying to get a food company off the ground. They had their big break last year when their Mexican sauces featured on Shark Tank and ended up getting their goods into Woolworths Supermarkets across the country. And now, they’re expanding – new dips and real stone pressed corn chips are hitting the shelves, and as well as being Australian made, they can now claim the business is Australian owned after the two became citizens this year.

source: http://www.3aw.com.au/news/this-week-in-food-melbournes-new-secret-bar-20160611-gpgxja.html