Steps to get best cash for your car


Selling a car is not a big deal these days but the question is are you getting the expected price for your car? Or is it the value of your car which a car dealer offered? Well, the value of your car depends on the condition of your car, every car dealer will check your car in detail and calculates every part of your car, that’s why I said the offer you receive from a car dealer depends on the condition of your car. In this post I’m going to show you how to get best cash for your car.


  • Step one: find the exact value of your car, to find out what is the exact value of your car you need to search more and more. Start googling, what’s the price for your car; new, second hand, broken, damaged or any other condition, the more you search the more you understand.  Get a quote from car dealers, as far as i know almost all car dealers offering free quote. Try different car dealers, as every quote you get will be different and simply choose the best one.
  • Step two: Set a price for your car, now that you have found the value of your car, set a price for it. to know more how to set a price for your car i will show you how in next post.
  • Step three: get a quote, start searching for car dealers in your area. Example keywords; cash for cars brisbane, cash for cars Sunshine Coast or car removal brisbane… there you will find many car dealers that providing free quote, try different car dealers and and ask one that suits you best. 

Hope you get the expected cash for your car. Stay tuned for more tips about selling your car in the best possible way 


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